Musiclily Website Migration Statement @May 2022

Dear customers:

Musiclily website is moving and updating to new version. Please read the information below carefully:

1. All existing old orders and data, we saved in our old site. Please go to to check. We will process and finish all of them, also update tracking and fufillment information in this site. We will keep this site for at least a month or until we finish all old orders.

2. is new, we are still working on it, all new products will be updated in this site. If you want to shopping in new site, you need register a new account in new site. For your existing coupon, store credit in old site, we will transfer them to new site. If you can not find yours, please let us know.

If you have any suggestion or find any error or bug in these sites, please feel free to contact us, we will support. 

For now, you have to use the old shop site, after new shop site is ready, you will get a notification in home page.

If you still have any issue or question, please send us an email to, so we will support you.

Jerry & Musiclily Team

May 2022