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COVID-19 Update and Logistics Delay Alert @2020.03.20
Dear customers and friends,
Currently, coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is growing globally, meanwhile, China is getting better but the whole world situation is worse.
In this message, we try to update something about our safety, business and logistics.
1. Keep Safe
Safety is always the first priority.
Three ways to help you anti-virus:
A. Stay at home if you can, work at home if you can, shopping online if you can. 
Do not go outside if not necessary, follow your government’s guide. COVID-19 virus have 3-14 days incubation and you can avoid most infection if you can stay at home for 2-3 weeks. Always avoid crowd, cancel all party or travelling is smart.
B. Wearing respirator mask if you need go outside.
Even China is getting better now, we are still wearing respirator mask daily. In last 6 weeks, Wearing respirator mask has been proved that it is very important to avoid infection in China. To save respirator mask, you can avoid going outside to reduce wearing time, every mask can use 7 hours. Any narrow and small space like elevator, shopping mall/office/classroom/restaurant with air conditioner, you need wear respirator mask; also keep 1.5 meter away to talk with other people. 
C. Wash hands with soap.
Every time you touch public/new stuff from outside (like refuel or get a parcel) or return home, please wash hands twice with soap (or uses antiseptic wipe) . It will kill 80%+ chance to infect virus.  Open a parcel will not infect virus, but you need wash hands after you touch the package box.
2. Business effect
During these date, we have to face coming economic downturn. Sale volume will be reduced and cashflow health is important. Please prepare for it.
Watch out the currency rate, for now, main currency rate is changing daily.
Musiclily will do our best to keep our price be stable as we can, also our stock level is recovering back to normal level progressively.
3. Logistics Delay Alert
COVID-19 is messing up global logistics, it will affect and delay all carriers include Fedex/DHL/UPS express and most post office services.
Flight is rare and delivery routine will be adjusted base on the situation.
We are working and try to keep all orders on time, but we think there will be 3-7 days delay compare original delivery time, before you order, please prepare for it. 
For more extended reading ,
Stay safe and we will all overcome it.
Musiclily Team@2020.03.20
2020 A Letter to Musiclily's Customers and Friends
Hello everyone,
I am Jerry, the Musiclily's co-founder. I am writing this post to explain our status and update some news in here.
Since 20th Jan 2020, we have not logged on our Facebook page for a while. Because I went to 2020 NAMM show and Nina(Munich Hunter) went back her home to enjoy Chinese New Year holiday.
In our plan, we will go back office on 1st Feb 2020, however, there is an emergency case happened : Wuhan Coronavirus.If you look CNN or BBC or other international news, you will find this case's detail.
As a result, to keep safe, China has extended Chinese New Year holiday to 10th Feb, then we will be back office.
During this date, I am in office and keep company's basic running , I am working on processing all orders so that do not have much time to reply all questions in Facebook. Nina have to stay at home, so she can not log on Facebook at home.
We apology for any inconvenience, we are in a tough time but we managed to fulfill every order in a reasonable time.
If you have any question, you can send email to us:, we will reply it in 48 hours.
On other hand, we will add many new products in 2020. To speed up it, we are hiring more staffs to join us. New products will include: machine heads and bridge, electronic parts, pickup parts, body and necks, aged parts, tools and care kits, more big brands parts and more quality product options, etc. We are working hard on these, also, we will still offer a good price for our customers.
We are looking for a long-term business relationship in this industry, grow with our customers and friends.


For new buyer,  please read our New Buyer Shopping Guide


Welcome to Musiclily®, we are a guitar bass parts supplier in China, which have provided guitar and bass parts to manufacturers, wholesalers, musicians, luthiers, retail stores, and guitar repair shops all over the world since 2012.
With over 1,500 kinds of products on-hand in our warehouse in China, all orders are processed in-house by our staff and never drop shipped. As most of products are manufactured by ours-self, not only does this make Musiclily be a leading distributor of guitar, bass, and amplifier parts, but it keeps product availability high and shipping costs low. 
We offer guitar bass machine heads, hardware, eletronic, fretting, knobs, pickguards and pickups, etc.
As long as we start our business , we already got over thousand of positive feedback for our products and service ; with reliable customer service and safe order procession, we supply and ship Musiclily parts global to meet the world's need for quality value guitar parts to make quality music.
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